Document Security Seminar

How secure is your company’s information?

On April 20th Condor Office Solutions hosted an Information Security breakfast briefing attended by over 20 local businesses. The key presentation led by Quentyn Taylor, a respected industry expert and titled “Chasing Rainbows. Forgetting about the rain” highlighted some of the headline grabbing stories and what organisations can do to address the potential of losing information.

Organisations of all sizes are aware of the potential of losing information and data with stories about Ashley Madison, T-Mobile and Government regularly seen on news-stands over the past few years. What isn’t as widely known is that these headline grabbing occurrences only account for 4% of data or information leaks, but they sell papers?

It is also little known fact that 97% of leaks or loses are avoidable.

The message being that businesses should focus on the 97% of leaks or losses that are easily avoidable and keeping dry and not chasing the rainbow of being 100% secure against potential losses which is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

“Condor organised an excellent event about information security that was very well delivered. A few hours well spent for any business.” Robert Wassall, Managing Director Datahelp.

“ As long standing customers of Condor the breakfast briefing provided a fresh insight into how Condor can help secure and protect membership and Chamber information in addition to delivering cost effective copying and printing.” Lorraine Gourley, Financial Controller Hampshire Chamber of Commerce.

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