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With modern office printers and photocopiers offering users the options to scan to file and scan to email, it is no surprise that scan volumes in the majority of businesses are growing rapidly. The sophistication with which organisations are managing their scanning varies wildly, with almost half of all companies having no established scanning process in place.

Email security

Unchecked, the email facility on machines is a potential security risk. There is no control on who uses it and no audit trail of what is sent. Ideally staff would need to authenticate at the machine controlling who uses the facility and creating a record of the transaction through integration with outlook exchange.

Document Types

Documents are typically saved as PDFs or tiffs but sometimes you may wish to convert a PDF to word using optical character recognition (OCR).

File size

For most companies it is important to achieve maximum document compression with minimum degradation.

File naming

It is relatively simple for us to create scanning workflows on your machine that enforce a pre-determined file naming protocol ensuring consistency throughout the organisation.


Naming files can be very time consuming either at the point of entry at the device or back at your workstation. This process can be completely or partially automated.

Similarly workflows can automate where documents are sent and perform several tasks in one operation. If for example an expenses claim may need to be sent to a watch file in accounts and emailed to a manager for approval then this can be carried out in one action. In this example the manager maybe able to electronically approve it as part of a workflow.

Data extraction

Manually extracting data from documents is tedious, time consuming and prone to error. We can create systems to extract key data from documents and integrate with your back office systems saving time and improving accuracy.

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uniFLOW by Canon

Fast and flexible processing of scanned images

uniFLOW users can be shown a series of personalized scanning workflows that are relevant to their job role allowing them to scan documents directly into the relevant business process or back-end document management systems.

uniFLOW official website



Therefore™ information solutions enable you to process information efficiently, economically and securely throughout your department or organisation. This means your team can access and use the information they need to meet business objectives, allowing you to have a smarter company and increase efficiency and profits.

Watch the demo movie: An introduction to document management.

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uniFLOW by Canon

Secure workflow scanning for shared workflows

uniFLOW scan solutions allow users to share their documents with other members of the organization. Identification at the device can be done with PIN or proximity card, allowing secure and personalized scan as well as print workflows.

uniFLOW official website


eCopy Applications

Use eCopy applications for maximum efficiency. Use eCopy document imaging software with your networked copier or scanner to capture documents directly into your business applications or electronic workflows. With eCopy you can turn paperwork into paper that works.

Watch the eCopy ShareScan Demo.

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Maintaining your company files using electronic document management software can potentially save your company a substantial amount of time and money. The Invu document management software has an added aspect of usability, so scanning, storing, and retrieving your files is a quick and simple process.

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