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Refurbished Office Printers & Photocopiers

If you are looking to acquire a high performance photocopier for your business, but don’t think you have the budget to do so; a refurbished device may be the ideal solution. Condor understand the importance of minimising costs without compromising quality and reliability.

We are totally confident in the expertise of our engineers and our refurbishment process. We therefore give all of our second hand photocopiers a 5 year, as new, warranty of service!

The refurbishment process

Step 1: Our engineers strip the device down to the bare chassis.

Step 2: All performance critical components are replaced with brand new parts.

Step 3: We repair & replace any worn or damaged parts.

Step 4: We finish with a thorough power clean to ensure it looks the part too!

Why choose a refurbished copier?

1. Cost Savings

The primary reason businesses choose to acquire refurbished printing equipment is the associated cost saving. If your business has a limited budget due to financial constraints then a used device may be the solution.

2. Quality Assured

All our refurbished machines are put through a strict testing process before delivery to ensure they are in back to their best. Such is our confidence in our engineering team we offer all machines with a 5 year warranty of service!

3. No Additional Fees

Unlike many copier companies, we dont hide extra charges such as admin fees in our contracts. Our transparent contract policy is the exact same for refurbished machines – what you see is what you get!

4. Flexibility to Lease, Rent or Buy

As with our brand new machines, we provide customers with several procurement options for our refurbished copiers. Whatever your financial situation, we will try and find the ideal solution for your business.

For used and refurbished photocopiers across Hampshire, Dorset & The South, get in touch with Condor!

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