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photocopier contract advice

For more advice on how to avoid unfair photocopier contracts, read our blog post: Warning – Unfair Photocopier Contracts Are Back!

A word of warning

The photocopier industry is somewhat notorious for unethical sales practices and pushy salesmen. Similar to the way budget airlines supplement low advertised prices with fees for seat reservation, luggage and early check-ins, the majority of managed print companies are using hidden costs to supplement their own cheap headline prices.

With over 30 years experience in the industry, we have spoken to our fair share of unhappy business owners and managers that have found themselves trapped in unfair photocopier contracts with seemingly no way of escape. After reviewing these contracts, we have become all too familiar with the nasty tricks that certain companies insert into their contracts to squeeze the most out of their trusting customers. We have seen the whole spectrum of tricks, ranging from suppliers having the cheek to include a general “administration fee” to the verging-on-criminal offence of using misleading terminology to charge customers 3x more than they actually agreed!

If you have been quoted, or even signed, what you believe to be an unfair photocopier contract, then we are more than happy to cast our eyes over the contract to see if your supplier has included any misleading terms & conditions. Whilst it is not guaranteed that we will be able to get you out of the contract completely, we will likely be able to find a way to significantly reduce your future liabilities.

If you would like your contract reviewed then please get in touch with us or leave your details so one of the team can get back to you.

Top Tips

  • Select a supplier with a good reputation, referrals from friends and family is a great place to start.
  • Get a clear written proposal in which all costs relating to the lease and service contract are disclosed.
  • Read all the T & C’s! Repeat; read all the T & C’s! However nice the salesman seems, you need to read every clause.

A Condor Contract

Condor were founded, back in 1987, on the basic principle of providing fair and transparent photocopier contracts with excellent service. Whilst many aspects of life have changed over the past 31 years, our commitment to an honest approach and only using fair terms in our contracts has not.

We refuse to draw customers in with what seem to be incredible headline prices, only to charge a fortune in additional costs hidden in the terms and conditions. If you are quoted amazingly cheap copy costs that seem too good to be true, they probably are. These ridiculous headline costs should act as a warning sign and prompt you into taking a closer look at the terms & conditions.

When signing a photocopier contract with Condor, you can rest assured that you will not face any nasty surprises further down the line. There will be no charges to the customer other than those clearly explained by the salesman and in the contract.

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