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What is a managed print service?

A Managed Print Service (MPS) is a holistic approach to an organisation’s document workflow, covering all elements of printing, copying & scanning. By bringing all elements under one system, businesses are able to gain tighter control over their printing and dramatically reduce their costs.

There are several elements of an effective MPS. Hardware, such as MFP’s (Multi-Functional Printers) will be deployed that are suited to specifically cater for the customer’s document requirements; however complex or simple they may be.

After determining the ideal hardware for the customer, the MPS provider will install the necessary print management software in order to ensure that all devices are used both efficiently and cost effectively. This software will enable customers to monitor and control their printing in order to achieve the desired level of security, cost reduction & productivity.

We have experience in deploying both complex managed print services for organisations with multiple locations and thousands of end-users, as well as simple solutions in offices of just a handful of employees. Whatever your organisation requires, we will be there to help you achieve it.

Whats included?

1. Cost Control – We can monitor and track printing throughout the organisation. Using this data, we can enforce rules to restrict bad habits and reduce your printing costs.

2. Tighter Security – Depending on your needs, we start with basic functions such as “Follow-Me” printing and user authentication, all the way to advanced document management software such as uniFLOW. We can ensure your sensitive documents are protected at all times.

3. Sustainability – Say goodbye to wasting toner & paper on uncollected prints. We manage your print to ensure you only use what you actually need. This is great for your budget and the planet!

4. Reliability – The Canon hardware we provide has won numerous awards and is widely recognised as the very best in the industry. Regular jamming and downtime will soon be a distant memory.

5. Service & Support – On the rare occasions you do require an engineer, our service team are ready & waiting. Not only are they vastly experienced but they are genuinely caring people that wont rest until the issue is resolved.

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