At Condor we take our impact on the environ­ment very seriously and we know many of you share our concerns.

Our environmental audit introduces a few simple measures in your print and document environment that can make a significant contribution – and normally results in financial savings too. Here are a few areas you can look at.


Reducing wasted prints…

…by printing to mailboxes or implementing a secure print environment (print management software) you eradicate the pile of uncollected prints next to the office printer.

Reducing the number of prints made…

…by improving the management and usability of electronic documents we can reduce the need to produce hard-copy. Scanning solutions such as E-copy can help in this aim. Most modern photocopiers also allow you to set print limits or simply monitor how much everyone prints.

Reducing paper used…

…by increasing the % of your printing which is double sided. This can be done either through education or by enforcing double siding through the use of print rules.

Reducing power usage…

…generally speaking the more centralised your print environment the lower your power consumption. One larger machine will use a lot less power than the equivalent number of small devices.

Finally, power consumption does vary significantly from one manufacturer to another. Canon are at the forefront of innovation in this area with many developments which reduce the consumption of power in the printing process and on standby.

If you would like Condor to undertake an environmental audit of your current print set up please get in touch with tony@condoroffice.co.uk.

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