Second Hand Photocopiers

The Refurb Team

If you are looking to acquire a high performance photocopier for your office, but don’t think you have the budget to do so; think again. Condor understand the importance of minimising costs without compromising quality and reliability.

In order to satisfy the demand for affordable used photocopiers, Condor have established a dedicated refurbishment team, comprising of engineers that specialise in reconditioning second hand machines and getting them as close to brand new as possible. The process is thorough and rigorous, with all performance critical parts replaced.

If you want to discuss your options regarding second hand photocopier leasing, rental or purchase; then please get in touch with the Condor Refurb Team and we will recommend some options for your consideration. We trade in over 50 machines from our customers every month and only select the finest for refurbishment – we always have an extensive selection of models for you to choose from.

We are totally confident in the expertise of our engineers and our refurbishment process. We therefore give all of our second hand photocopiers a 5 year, as new, warranty of service!

How It Works

Often when second hand machines are offered for sale they have received little more than a glorified service! Over time, important parts within the machine suffer from natural wear and tear. If these parts are not replaced, then both quality and reliability will suffer. With 30 years experience in the industry, we have refined and perfected our process for taking used copiers and returning them to ‘as new’ condition.

We start with a good raw product –  Canon photocopiers are renowned for their outstanding build quality. Our dedicated team of engineers then completely strip our second hand photocopiers down to the bare chassis and replace all performance critical components with brand new parts. Not only do we ensure our used photocopiers function to the same high standards as our new machines, but they look the part too! As well as replacing any worn internal parts, The Refurb Team power clean the entire chassis to ensure it looks great in your office.

Before any machine leaves the workshop it will undergo an extensive testing process before receiving a final stamp of approval. At Condor, we only have happy customers – when you buy, lease or rent a second hand printer from Condor you can rest assured you are making a sound investment.

See Our Team In Action

refurbished photocopiers demo by Condor Office Solutions
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